For you I was a flame

love is a loosing game!
(amy winehouse – plz read here to confirm that it was I who discovered her and not Damien!)

rain is so romantic.

weekend plans were so great it makes my heart sing! Lagster + Jess time will always equal fun – like have martini shoot out your nose fun – laughed really hard at ourselves like always! of course our wait staff sucked. and jess broke a glass with her super human strength (or icey martini in a newly washed hot glass). But it was really nice to see them and to whoop it up – even if it was just mo town.

had an awesome time at the wine tasting last night with the sweetin/facchino/delsordi/parici clans. seriously too funny! Al gave us the scoop on how off base soprano’s is while jaqulyn me and sue couldn’t stop laughing at our drunken – ness after the first of 5 rounds (3 glasses each round)

“Why does the hearing go first?” j ‘whispers’ to me and the whole place during the presentation.

“they are only wine #1? oh screw – 3’s the best – try 3” janice

“this smells like baby formula to me” anthony

“i like number 2” sue and j
“i like 3 goes down really smooth” me
“3 smells like musty basement” sue
“how can you like 3 bridget – our whole table hates it” j

“so we all kinda liked this one?” me
“oh yeah” everyone at the table nodding and mumming as they drink
“so we could order it when we go out to sushi or something and we’d all be happy?” me
“well the whole time i’d be wishing you brought 2” j

so much fun! i am inviting the lagster, jess, and a whole slew of friends to the next one b/c it can only get better! we were in the back row and total deliquints. but it was fun and we found some great new wines. Me and J are pushing for a sparkling wine tasting next but I think my father and those lushes want a whiskey tasting first – how deplorable?!

I love shadow but…

she’s my parents dog! Now i know that when I move out and have like a life of my own I will be purchasing/adopting/rescuing A shiba inu puppy.

really, papi? really? really, itzel? really?

I think you can understand why we can no longer be friends.

"I like the pillows that have been in my house for eons"

I say to Erin, Kelly, and Amy as we saunter or rather TAKE OVER the pillow isle in Target on Saturday.

“Ew, the ones that everyone in your family has one time or another puked on?” Kelly mumbles with her face smushed against the Firm pillow in her cart.

“ewwwww!” erin says while reaching for a Chillmax kind.

“Yeah those -“

“OMG My brother invented these pillows!!” Erin yells to us but really the way we are standing, together conversating but not really looking at each other, it appears she’s yelling at the Chillmax.

“He said that he would invent a pillow that kept you cool and call it a [clever name hidden in case he does intend to sell this idea b/c it’s like really good]”

“Omg that’s AWESOME!” Amy and Kelly

“One that whisks the sweat away!” Me

“You mean wick not whisks right Bridgie?” kelly while placing another 4.99 Extra firm in her basket.

“But wait! Kelly look this one can change shapes!” Amy says at the end of the row now strangling a Shapeable pillow. We are all laughing hysterically now b/c of course someone is trying to get by amy in the row and she’s twisting and contorting herself around the pillow like the crocodile hunter.
she drops it suddely and reaches for another

“This one! Feeeeel it! It’s velour plush! You have to get it”
by now we are all on the hunt for another item which kelly can’t seem to name and neither erin nor I can help her out…
“What do you mean?!”

“YOu know you put it on over the pillow but below the pillow case – what is that called”kelly

“Feel it! just rub right here! It’s velour plush! You have to get it” amy

“Does it zipper up the side?” me

“No really erin put your hand on it – it’s so soft! It’s like high class for your face it’s velour plush! you have to get it” amy

“yeah yeah with the zipper! what is that called?” kelly

“It’s a pillow cover – now would you please just feel this!? It’s vel-” amy

“Velour plush” erin me and kelly

“amy – how much is it?” kelly

“i dunno, 17.99 or something. but it’s a deal b/c its velour plush! You have to get it”amy

Kelly dosent even say very much just looks at her – then amy throws the pillow on the tippy top of some other stack of things and proceeds the hunt for the pillow cover.

“Dont you love amy’s hair today?” Kelly

Amy is now posed priming her pony tail that looks like she’s been though a blender – it’s a very messy rendition of little kid who won’t let her mom brush her hair for days look.

“It looked better pre-beating!” amy

“oh yeah i woke her up this morning by jumping on top of her and beating her up with her pillows.” kelly

“here they are – pillow covers!” Erin

We all stare at the rack and pick a differnt one – mine makes noises when you touch it so that’s out. Kelly’s seems like a safe bet – “poly/cotton blend” – but erin insits she should open it. Amy has found the most expensive cover and is making us all rub it.

“It’s Prima Cotton – not as good as the velour pillow but still very nice – here feel it.”

After calculating the costs of buying really nice pillow covers and crappy pillows – Kelly swallows hard and decides that the velour pillow is more cost effective. Amy dances all the way back to the pillow section. By the time we make it to the row the disco has stopped.

“Omg! there’s only this one and king sizes left. Buy one of each.” And now we all laugh because the whole reason for this trip into the science of slumber has to do with kelly’s irrational compulsion for exact matching pillows.

On the check out line Erin buys Chocolate gum which all of us make fun of but try willingly. It is so bad we cry with laughter! especially when i can’t stop saying “I just want to swallow it – i like have no gag reflex to stop it!” in the parking lot to anyone passing by. Amy is laughing so hard she’s stumbling like a drunk and erin is still trying to blow a brown bubble. we all spit them out (looking like we ate rabbit turds) and say our goodbyes before retreating to our cars.

i miss George’s Northern Orchard times!

Just when I think i miss Rochy

i see the forecast!

takes the name constuction paper to a whole new level

check her out

VIP 40/40 club

And the bottle service is serving me well!
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