Mix Tape Monday: Black Friday Playlist on Cyber Monday (alt title: Buy me Prezzies!)

Since it’s cyber Monday (side bar: “cyber”? What year is this 1997?)  I went ahead and bought myself the boring things I “NEED” such as bras – not even cute ones (all the lame day – to – day colors) and a leopard print dress (for work!). This allows you to purchase things I actually WANT at an incredible discount & make me happy come christmas time – it’s a win-win !

L word Complete Series (box set)

Forever 21 Items (all linked individually for ease of purchase) 

PAL TO NTSC converter – what you think all lesbian dramas come in USA format? if only girl – if only. 

To help you shop I made this playlist. Mind you I made it on Black Friday at 2 am after roughly 6.25 meals consisting of turkey and several hours of real life window shopping. Triptophan and endorphins fueled me. I was convinced I had real prowess as a mix tape maven. I even humble braggedthat there was a song for every person ever in this playlist – chuckling to myself at its masterful twists and turns. However, upon listening today– actual mix tape post day — I am certain I was satiating only the crazy personalities in my head. My apologies – buy me some better music or real dj equipment or music lessons to make it better. Google some coupon codes for music taste or something. Ok? 

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