so i may smell like curry

but what a great dinner! Last night while the rain came down in buckets upon buckets I ventured out to Madison (2 doors down from Uncle Joe and Aunt Marie) to have dinner with a house full of brits! Erin and David invited me and it was so much fun. Sure their house looks like one of the colony/river knoll apartments from college – minus the permanent beer pong table and posters of naked girls. It was sparce but homey. About 14 of us snuggled along the couch and folding chairs to enjoy a hearty meal of curry and rice with garlic bread, nan bread (which i continued to call batsuamie-which is a rice incidentally), and loads of wine/beer.

Everyone was lovely – their accents from all over england – their personalities just as scattered. We (me and erin) forced them all to watch and enjoy the soprano’s at 9pm promtly which they all talked though making fun of the jerzy accents. It was a real trip.

Somehow bringing up the family – and family pets – it turns out that these brits think turtles are toi-toises (tortoises) and aluminum is AL-you-Min-E-Um.

i said “you had pet mice – like willingly?” every brit thought i said – “you had mice – named will and leigh?”
It was too funny!
“Do you always wear collogne?”
“Yes i always work alone.”

the food was great, the wine was delish, and everyone was really in good spirits. i’m not sure if its b/c they didn’t have to work due to the rain (all soccer coaches) or b/c the climate is more like england, damp and rainy but they were all in rare forum last night!

it turned out to be a sunday funday after all!

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