if i was so inclined

to buy presents / send cards for my loved ones here’s what I thought about doing. and we all know in this economy it really is the thought that counts! [true story: i did say these things to Shawny B months ago @ bday gift late and wrap it up as holiday gift which i have YET to do… i know i know!]

Orla loves to sing in the shower so DUH

Erin & Kelly who love titanic quotes more than most & with whom i enjoy sharing a cocktail or 2

the twins: since they are in college and this is a fun way to meet people / be popular

ty bunny b/c he loves to be full of cocktails

Maureen (even though she can fake it pretty well on her own!)

anyone from hfs

RIT Nerdzzz
rachey rach cause it’s her job yo!

weez (though i would like it for myself as well!!)

for jess

KT, who is perpetually writing on her hand

becca b/c she’s always getting tackled in ultimate & lord jesus she needs saving!

that baby bump ain’t goin away anytime soon KT!

Mary loves her some holiday and if you act up she’ll let you know!

and now a parade of LOLcatz i would like to share with all my friends not mentioned above (that i did NOT forget i just chose to keep you nameless & thus closer to my heart)